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Floridians with back pain now have access to two of the country’s leading spinal surgeons.

The Advanced Disc Replacement Spinal Restoration Center, led by Drs. Todd H. Lanman and Jason M. Cuéllar, is centrally located in Miami’s Edgewater district. This office is an extension of their Beverly Hills location so residents on the East Coast have convenient access to life-changing care from the leading Miami Spine Surgeons.

Patients can enjoy a safe and comfortable experience while also taking advantage of the center’s state-of-the-art technology that provides long-term treatment solutions. From light therapy to artificial disc replacement surgery, Drs. Lanman and Cuéllar are here to help you diagnose, treat, and eliminate pain as well as restore motion and reverse spinal fusions. Dr. Lanman is a pioneer in Artificial Disc Replacement and has published several studies and completed multiple clinical trials on this treatment option.

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ADR Treatment in Florida
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What is Artificial Disc Replacement?

Artificial disc replacement is the process of removing broken or damaged spinal discs that break down due to disc degeneration disease. Dr. Lanman or Cuéllar will then replace the old disc with an artificial one, which maintains your mobility while reducing back pain.

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Important Functions of Intervertebral Discs

Intervertebral discs serve multiple purposes, as they play a crucial role in how you twist, bend, and even walk throughout the day. A few key functions of these discs include:

Cushioning the spinal vertebrae from stress caused by different impacts related to moving and exercising.

Protecting the nerves that run down the spine between the vertebrae.

Contributing to overall stability during movement.


If you are able to move without pain, you can credit your intervertebral discs.

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Who is a Candidate for ADR?

Candidates for artificial disc replacement come from all walks of life and there is no single pain experience that qualifies some for this procedure. This is because artificial discs can break down in multiple ways; some can fracture and break into multiple pieces, while others can wear down over time. Even age isn’t a determining factor as to whether or not you are a candidate. Both young and old people alike can experience back pain from worn or damaged discs, so the key is to look at your symptoms and run a series of tests to determine the source of your discomfort.

When you visit the Miami office of Drs. Lanman and Cuéllar, they will ask about your pain. You may experience sudden sharp bursts throughout the week or live with chronic pain each day. With this information, these leading spinal experts will take the steps needed to diagnose your condition and create a treatment plan to help you live pain-free.

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The Benefits of ADR

There are many benefits of artificial disc replacement. Within a few weeks after the procedure, you should be able to notice that your pain and movement have improved significantly with the help of these new discs. A few key benefits include:

Reduced pain in the spine and neck.

Increased mobility, including bending and twisting.

Improved quality of life after recovery.

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About the ADR Procedure

Modern technology continues to make surgery less invasive, which decreases the recovery time and chances of infection in patients. Your artificial disc replacement procedure should take between two to three hours to complete. The doctor will approach your spine through your abdomen, which allows him to reach your spinal discs without approaching your nerves. The surgeon will then remove the damaged or broken disc and replace it with an artificial one.

Most patients stay in the outpatient surgery center for several hours following surgery. Patients are encouraged to stand and walk around on the first day and move the trunk area of the body. Your doctor may schedule a physical therapy appointment during this time as well.

Once you are cleared to leave the surgery center, you can return home to continue the recovery process. Your doctor may recommend several stretching and movement exercises to help you recover and get used to your new spinal disc.

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Miami Cervical & Lumbar Disc Replacement

There are two main types of artificial disc replacement that depend on the location of the pain and the affected discs. You may be a candidate for cervical disc replacement or lumbar disc replacement.


Cervical Disc Replacement

Cervical disc replacement is often completed through the front of the neck. It is meant to replace the discs located in the neck close to the top of the spine. With this procedure, patients are better able to move their heads from side to side with reduced pain.


Lumbar Disc Replacement

The lumbar vertebrae are located in the lower back. During this procedure, the doctor will enter through the abdomen to repair the affected spinal discs. After surgery, patients should feel more comfortable walking, bending, and twisting with less pain than before.

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ADR vs Fusion

Artificial disc replacement is the modern alternative to spinal fusion surgery. In the past, medical professionals would remove a broken or damaged disc and then fuse the affected vertebrae together. With this process, the vertebrae couldn’t put pressure on each other, but the patient also couldn’t move. As a result, it was harder for someone to bend, twist, or get around after spinal fusion.

By inserting an artificial disc, patients can maintain (and even improve) their mobility. They can enjoy decreased spinal pain while having the ability to get up and pursue their hobbies and interests again.

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What is the Expected Recovery Time?

Most patients will spend one to three days in the hospital immediately following surgery. Once they return home, they will spend the next few weeks completing exercises and rehabilitation activities.

Every patient recovers from surgery differently, which means that the recovery time will also vary from one person to the next. Some patients may experience full mobility and reduced pain within a few weeks, while other patients may take longer to recover.

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Success Rate of ADR

According to the FDA, the success rate of artificial disc replacement is higher than 90 percent. This is fantastic news for patients who hope to reduce their back pain and is largely due to the minimally-invasive nature of the procedure. This is good news for patients who want to reduce the pain in their backs.

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Scheduling Your Disc Replacement Consultation
with Miami Surgeons, Dr. Todd Lanman and Dr. Jason Cuéllar

If you are ready to take back your life and your mobility, request a consultation with Dr. Todd Lanman and Dr. Jason Cuéllar in the Advanced Disc Replacement Miami office. Talk to Dr. Lanman about the pain you are experiencing and learn about surgical and non-surgical solutions to become more comfortable. These experts are here for you.

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