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You’re only as old as… we’ve all heard a number of sayings over the years, yet we are big believers in the ability for the body to continually repair itself, especially when it’s supplemented with superior treatment.

It’s a scientific fact that as we age, our muscle mass declines and in most people, our fat mass tends to increase. It’s more difficult to lose weight, we become easily fatigued, yet with the improvements in technology, we can start to feel as though our brains are younger and more alive than our bodies.

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The spine is the center of the body, controlling every single message, so it makes sense to ensure it is as healthy as it can be, especially as we age. Loss of motion and movement can be debilitating (as can a thicker waist!).

There are several different options we can offer to help adjust and manage hormone levels, promote improved bone and muscle mass, lower overall cancer rates and significantly reduce risk of osteoporotic fracture.

We approach your aging management assessment with a blood test, which involves screening cardiovascular lipids, as well as reviewing kidney function, thyroid function, pituitary gland function, adrenal function, and gonadal function. All are very important for muscle, fat, and bone health.

Anti-Inflammatory Injections
without the Steroids

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Cytonics APIC™ PRP System

World-Class Therapy for Osteoarthritis Relief

Musculoskeletal diseases like osteoarthritis often mean inflamed joints and debilitating pain. Steroid injections have been the ‘go-to’, which can leave other non-desirable effects on the body. The team at ADR are proud to have been involved in the early research used by Cytonics Corp to develop novel treatments for arthritis-related pain.

At a basic level, Cytonics’ APIC™ system involves drawing and purifying a small amount of the patient’s blood to remove anti-inflammatory mediators and enrich a powerful, anti-inflammatory Alpha-2-Macroglobulin (A2M) preparation. This ‘renewed’ fluid is injected into any painful joint, such as the knee, hip, elbow or shoulder, providing significant pain relief.

Numerous scientific research studies have demonstrated this leading, proprietary FDA-approved technology may reduce pain by blocking inflammation, and may even slow down cartilage degradation in larger joints such as the knee. Recent research published by Drs. Cuéllar, Montesano and Scuderi also indicates this therapy may be beneficial for the treatment of back pain from lumbar disk degeneration. Click here for full article.

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Stem Cell-Derived Regenerative Therapy

Stem cell transplants have long been used by physicians globally to treat a variety of medical conditions. The ability to successfully remove degenerated cells, from muscles to brain cells, and replace them with fresh, healthy cells promotes the repair response of diseased, dysfunctional or damaged tissue.

For over a decade doctors and research scientists have invested in leading research to develop PRIMEPRO™ Regenerative Therapy, using Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC’s) to successfully treat chronic pain and acute conditions in tens of thousands of people. PRIMEPRO™ is a non-cellular regenerative therapeutic derived from MSC’s, which have been sourced from human umbilical cord tissue. This therapy has yielded both safe and effective outcomes for people affected by orthopedic and other chronic and acute conditions.

PRIMEPRO™ is considered the highest standard in regenerative stem cell therapies. Designed for intravenous or intrathecal delivery, the minimally-manipulated cells pair with the patients’ own tissues to augment and accelerate the body’s regenerative process.

This type of therapy performs healing using the same mechanisms that naturally occur in your body, and has been proven to help in the following ways:

  • 01 | Anti-Inflammatory Effect

    Dramatically reducing inflammation at the site of an injury, whether caused by trauma or a chronic condition.

  • 02 | Immune-Modulating Effect

    Resetting the body’s immune system to help combat effects of aging, polluted environments or unhealthy lifestyle.

  • 03 | Tissue Repair and Regeneration

    Reactivating the body’s own healing mechanisms, providing a catalyst to trigger existing cells to repair and regenerate new cells in afflicted or diseased tissue.

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A Holistic Approach

It’s rare to find a team who approach health the way we do. We take a holistic approach to your treatment, identifying ‘cause and effect’ to help ensure continued movement, flexibility and spinal restoration beyond surgical procedures.


“I'm sure you always hear how much you have made a difference in the quality of living after helping so many people, so you are going to hear it one more time from me. Thank you for everything and for being so sweet, patient and giving of yourself!”


We’ve changed the lives of thousands of people, including your favorite sports heroes and Hollywood stars, helping them to move better, every day.

“I'm sure you always hear how much you have made a difference in the quality of living after helping so many people, so you are going to hear it one more time from me. Thank you for everything and for being so sweet, patient and giving of yourself!”


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