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If you live in the Greater Los Angeles area or can travel there conveniently, some of the world’s leading artificial disc replacement surgeons practice in Beverly Hills, CA. This article provides what you need to know about artificial disc replacement in Beverly Hills.

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What is an Artificial Disc?

An artificial disc is a synthetic medical device, usually made of metal and very hard plastic, that takes the place of a problematic natural disc. Your spine surgeon removes your natural disc that is causing pain and/or other symptoms and puts an artificial disc in its place. The artificial disc holds the surrounding spinal bones the correct distance apart, allows those bones to move independently, and preserves spinal strength and mobility.


Do I Qualify for ADR?

You may be a candidate for ADR if you have one or more spinal discs causing chronic pain or other serious symptoms. Good candidates for ADR are those with otherwise healthy spinal bones, which means no history of scoliosis, osteoporosis, or cancer that has metastasized to bone. Contraindications to ADR, i.e., reasons not to have ADR, including moderate to severe facet joint disease or substantial bone spurs on the affected spinal bones.

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What Types of ADR are there?

  1. Cervical Artificial Disc Replacement The cervical spine is made up of the top seven vertebral levels. Cervical ADR treats chronic neck pain and symptoms that affect one or both arms.

  2. Lumbar Artificial Disc Replacement The lumbar spine is the spine in the lower back, just below the rib cage and just above the pelvis/sacrum. Lumbar ADR is used to treat chronic lower back pain and symptoms that affect one or both legs.

  3. Thoracic ADR – The thoracic spine is made up of 12 vertebral bones a disc. The thoracic spine is the spine that connects to the rib cage in the chest and middle back. Thoracic ADR is uncommon, though if it is performed, it is almost always used to treat disease just below the cervical spine at C7 – T1 disc. The other areas of the thoracic spine do not have a disc replacement option.

What are the Main Benefits of ADR?

Relief of neck or low back pain

Relief of weakness, numbness, and tingling in the arms or legs

Good range of motion at the treatment site

Preserves spinal motion and flexibility

Lasts for decades in most cases

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When Should I Get Artificial Disc Replacement in Beverly Hills?

Fortunately for many, neck or back pain tends to go away on its own after a few days to a few weeks. If it doesn’t, conservative treatments like oral medications, physical therapy, and spinal injections often relieve the discomfort within a few weeks. Sadly, about one in 10 people will have neck or back pain that will not go away with conservative treatments. When the neck or back pain becomes chronic, i.e., pain that lasts for six or more weeks despite other treatments, it is time to have a consultation for an artificial disc replacement. If you are interested in meeting with a spine surgeon in Beverly Hills, do not wait until the pain is severe. The spine surgeons at the Spinal Restoration Center in Beverly Hills are neck and back pain experts who can provide the entire range of medical and surgical treatment options—including artificial disc replacement.

Finding the Right Beverly Hills Spine Surgeon for Your Artificial Disc Replacement

Southern California has no shortage of excellent spine surgeons, but if you are considering artificial disc replacement, you should meet with the spine surgeons at ADR Spine.

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Dr. Todd H. Lanman helped pioneer the use of cervical and lumbar artificial discs in the United States and has been a tireless advocate of spinal motion preservation in his Beverly Hills spine surgery practices for over three decades.

Dr. Jason M. Cuéllar is a fellowship-trained, board-certified spine surgeon who has a passion for surgical and non-surgical approaches to restoring and preserving spinal motion. Dr. Cuéllar is Dr. Lanman’s clinical partner at ADR Advanced Disc Replacement Spinal Restoration Center, the Advanced Surgery Center of Beverly Hills and both surgeons are affiliated with the Cedars-Sinai Institute of Spinal Disorders, A Center of Excellence.

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Artificial Disc Replacement in Beverly Hills

What You Can Expect When Having an ADR Procedure Done

Your artificial disc replacement journey starts with an initial consultation with one of the spine surgeons at ADR Spine. This consultation will take place at the ADR Spine’s Beverly Hills office located in the triangle formed by Santa Monica Boulevard, Wilshire Boulevard, and Rodeo Drive. Patients of Dr. Lanman or Dr. Cuéllar who do not live in the Beverly Hills area often stay in the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills or the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons, both of which are within blocks of ADR Spine. After your initial consultation, you may need to have some additional imaging studies and will need to be cleared for surgery by your primary care doctor.

Artificial disc replacement is performed under general anesthesia. Each disc replacement takes about an hour. Most patients will be scheduled for outpatient or same-day artificial disc replacement. Same-day artificial disc replacement means that you will have surgery without an overnight stay in the hospital. In other words, you will get to return home within 23 hours of the procedure. Make sure you have someone who can help you get home after the procedure, such as a family member, loved one, close friend, or trusted personal assistant.

Most patients can return to light work within a few weeks after artificial disc replacement, but a full recovery may take six to eight weeks or more. Your spine surgeon should provide clear discharge instructions and help you decide how soon you can return to the activities you enjoy.


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