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Residents of Palm Beach, Florida Who Experience Back Pain No Longer Have to Suffer.

Drs. Todd H. Lanman and Jason M. Cuéllar, two of the country’s leading experts in Artificial Disc Replacement (ADR) have opened an office in the area. These pioneering surgeons have decades of experience diagnosing, treating, and eliminating back pain through procedures like Advanced Disc Replacement (ADR) and mobility restoration surgeries. Learn more about (ADR) and what it could mean for you.

 If you are ready to regain your mobility and reduce your pain levels, contact expert ADR surgeons Drs. Todd Lanman and Jason Cuéllar. You can request a consultation today through telehealth communication and visit our Miami or Beverly Hills offices.

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What is ADR?

Artificial disc replacement is the process of removing broken, worn, or damaged discs from within your spine and replacing them with synthetic versions that perform the same tasks. With this procedure, patients can reduce the amount of pain in their backs while improving their mobility.

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Do I Qualify for ADR?

Every patient is different, which means there’s no way to immediately know whether or not you qualify for surgery. However, your doctor will review your symptoms and run a few tests to understand if this procedure is right for you. You may be a candidate for ADR if:


You experience back pain caused by one or more discs in your spine.

You may have had prior surgical experience on that part of the spine (or major surgery).

You are not excessively overweight and do not smoke.

You do not have other conditions that could make surgery risky.


Your doctor will work to comprehensively understand your medical history and the current state of your health to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for ADR.

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What Types of ADR
are There?

There are two common types of ADR: cervical and lumbar. While the procedures for both are similar, the main difference is the location of the disc replacement on your body.


Cervical Disc Replacement

The cervical vertebrae are located at the top of your spine, closest to your head. These run down your neck and into your shoulders. If your doctor recommends a cervical disc replacement, they may enter through your neck to reach your spine.


Lumbar Disc Replacement

The lumbar vertebrae are located at the lower end of your spine, close to where your tailbone is. You can find your lumbar area below your rib cage and above your hips. To complete a lumbar dis replacement, your doctor will enter through your abdomen.

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Intervertebral disc Functionalities:

The intervertebral discs provide multiple functions to protect your spine:


They serve as shock absorbers when your vertebrae move.

They prevent the bones in your spine from rubbing against each other, causing spinal damage and pain.

They allow you to move, bend, twist, and complete other mobility tasks without pain.

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What are the Main Benefits
of ADR?

When patients opt for artificial disc replacement surgery, they are opening the door to a host of benefits. As a whole, this procedure can help you live and move with reduced pain. A few key benefits of ADR include:


Increased mobility in your back and spine, allowing you to bend and twist comfortably.

Lower pain levels in your back, making it easier to move around.

Improved quality of life as you return to your favorite activities without pain.

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About the ADR Procedure

Artificial disc replacement can either be an in or out patient procedure that can be done through a very small incision. This means that the risks are low and the recovery time is short, most often done in our patient surgery center.

The procedure lasts between one to three hours for most patients. Your doctor will either make an incision in your neck or in your abdomen depending on the location of the damaged spinal disc. They will remove the problem disc that is broken or damaged and causing you pain. They will then replace it with the artificial model.

During your first day after surgery, your doctor may ask you to get up and move around. They want to make sure that you are comfortable and are recovering on schedule. When you leave the hospital, you will return home and spend a few weeks recovering with targeted stretches and exercises that are designed to increase your mobility and reduce your pain.

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How Successful is
ADR Surgery?

The FDA reports that artificial disc replacement surgery has a success rate of greater than 90 percent. This means that most patients fully recover from the procedure and enjoy benefits like increased mobility and reduced pain levels within a few weeks of surgery.

Every patient is different and most people have different recovery times and rates. Your doctor may suggest additional steps to reduce your pain and increase your mobility. This includes completing a series of exercises and stretches each day to improve the muscles in your back. You may also need to see a physical therapist to help restore your back to its full mobility levels.

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Getting ADR in Palm
Beach, Florida

If you are interested in artificial disc replacement, contact leading spinal experts Drs. Lanman and Cuéllar at They are currently in the process of expanding their Beverly Hills and Miami offices with the opening of their Palm Beach and Austin offices in 2022. Take the first steps to eliminate back pain today by working with the Advanced Disc Replacement Spinal Restoration Center.

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If you are ready to regain your mobility and reduce your pain levels, contact expert ADR surgeons Drs. Todd Lanman and Jason Cuéllar. While the Palm Beach practice is not open yet, you can request a consultation today through telehealth communication and visit our Miami or Beverly Hills offices. Request a consultation today.


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