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One of America’s leading spinal surgeons is coming to Austin. Dr. Todd H. Lanman is working to open a practice that serves the community of Austin and surrounding areas.

Dr. Lanman is known as Hollywood’s go-to Spinal Neurosurgeon, with a legacy of working with many film stars, TV talent, musicians, and executives and has more than 30 years of experience in advanced spinal care. He is often sought out as the principal investigator for various clinical trials on motion-preserving surgeries.

Dr. Lanman will lead the Austin practice and provide artificial disc replacement to Austin patients.

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What is ADR?

Artificial disc replacement is the process of removing a worn or damaged disc from your spine and inserting an artificial one in its place. This replacement is longer-lasting than your existing spinal discs and keeps your vertebrae from touching.

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What Symptoms Qualify Me
for ADR?

Every patient has different symptoms and pain levels that affect their quality of life. A few common symptoms of broken or worn spinal discs that could mean you qualify for ADR include:


Chronic back pain that lasts for several hours.


Sudden, sharp pangs in your back when completing everyday tasks.


Increased back pain when completing repetitive tasks like bending or reaching.


Numbness or a pins-and-needles feeling in your arm or leg that is close to where your back pain is located.


Your doctor will likely ask about the type of pain you experience and whether sitting, moving, or exercising makes you feel better or worse.

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What Do Intervertebral Discs Do?

Intervertebral discs serve as shock absorbers between each of the vertebrae in your back. When you perform basic activities like walking, reaching, and bending, your vertebrae move against each other. These discs prevent the vertebrae from coming into direct contact, which could leave you in pain.

When these intervertebral discs break, your vertebrae start to touch. This makes basic movements like reaching for an item on a shelf incredibly painful. Your spinal discs can also wear down, leaving you more sensitive to back pain.

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Benefits of ADR:

There are multiple benefits of seeking out treatment for your back pain. Through artificial disc replacement, your doctor can help return to some of your favorite activities in life. A few benefits of ADR include:


Reduced pain levels in your spine and back area.


Reduced numbness or pins-and-needles in your arms and legs.


Improved mobility because you can move without pain.


Improved quality of life because you aren’t living with pain.


From spending more time with family to pursuing your favorite hobbies, ADR surgery can help you return to some of the activities you love.

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What is the ADR Procedure Like?

Artificial disc replacement is considered out-patient surgery, which means you will check into the surgery center and will be discharged several hours after surgery. ADR is minimally invasive with a low risk of infection and complications.

Your surgeon will enter through your neck or your abdomen depending on the location of the damaged spinal disc. This allows them to get to the spine without affecting your nerves. They will remove the damaged spinal discs and replace them with artificial models. The entire procedure should take one to three hours.

After surgery, you can expect to stay at the surgery center for several hours. Your doctor will ask you to get up and move around to make sure your spine is healing as expected. You can then return home to recover over the next few weeks with targeted stretches and exercises.

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Types of ADR

There are multiple types of artificial disc replacement. While the general practice of removing one disc and replacing it with another remains the same, the location of your surgery may change. The spine runs from the top of your neck down to your tailbone, which means there are multiple places where you can experience worn and broken discs.

Cervical Disc Replacement

Cervical disc replacement is often completed through the front of the neck. It is meant to replace the discs located in the neck close to the top of the spine. With this procedure, patients are better able to move their heads from side to side with reduced pain.

Lumbar Disc Replacement

The lumbar vertebrae are located in the lower back. During this procedure, the doctor will enter through the abdomen to repair the affected spinal discs. After surgery, patients should feel more comfortable walking, bending, and twisting with less pain than before.

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How Is ADR Different
From Spinal Fusion?

Artificial disc replacement is significantly more advanced than spinal fusion and drives better outcomes.

With spinal fusion, your doctor removes the damaged disc and fuses the two vertebrae together. This prevents them from knocking against each other because they are now one single vertebra. However, fusion also limits movement. It’s harder to bend or exercise because these vertebrae cannot move on their own.

With ADR, the disc is replaced entirely, which means the vertebrae stay separate. Not only can patients retain their level of movement, but they are often able to improve their mobility and increase their activity now that their pain levels are lower.

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What Does Post-ADR
Surgery Look Like
and How
Successful is it?

Every patient is different, which means you can’t guarantee that you will live completely pain-free after surgery. However, many patients report significantly lower pain levels because of their ADR procedures. They are able to move around better and feel more comfortable participating in day-to-day activities.

It may take a few days before you feel comfortable being active post-surgery. Your doctor may recommend at-home exercises and even suggest seeing a physical therapist to build back the muscles and movement in your back.

As a whole, ADR has a very high success rate. The FDA reports that artificial disc replacement has a success rate higher than 90 percent, which means there is a significant chance that you will notice an improved quality of life after the procedure.

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Is ADR Available in Austin, TX?

The office of Dr. Lanman is not open yet in Austin. However, patients can still seek out treatment with these industry-leading professionals. You can request a virtual consultation to discuss non-surgical treatment options to reduce the pain in your back and neck. You can also work with these doctors to receive the care you need after the office is open.

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Scheduling Your Disc Replacement Consultation with Austin Surgeon, Dr. Lanman.

If you are ready to regain your mobility and live your life pain-free, request a consultation with Dr. Lanman for a telehealth appointment to discuss your needs and create a treatment plan for the short run. When the Austin practice opens, you can meet with Dr. Lanman in person and discuss your ADR surgical options.


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