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Leading spine surgeons Dr. Todd H. Lanman & Dr. Jason M. Cuéllar have arrived in Miami to offer patients reliable, effective spine surgeries and top-quality medical care.


These award-winning surgeons represent the top of their field for spinal advancements and pain treatment, helping people from across the country who experience back pain, numbness, and limited mobility to experience relief from their symptoms.

Both Dr. Lanman and Dr. Cuéllar are spinal patients themselves. They have firsthand experience with the pain their patients feel and have been through the surgery, recovery, and rehabilitation process as well. This makes them empathetic to your needs and committed to developing a comprehensive plan for your treatment and recovery.

Learn more about these Miami spine specialists and the conditions they treat.

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When to See a Spine
Surgeon in Miami

There are several warning signs that you may need to seek spinal treatment. Every patient is different – and they often present with multiple symptoms – but there are a few unifying factors that point to poor spinal health. Seek out a spine surgeon in Miami if any of the following symptoms are impacting your life:

You live with chronic back pain. This can range from dull aches that never fade away to sharp pains that strike unexpectedly. If you have experienced pain for more than 12 weeks, it’s time to see a doctor.

Your range of motion is decreasing. You can’t turn, bend, and twist as easily – and when you do, moving is painful.

You experience numbness in your legs, feet, and hands. These symptoms could actually indicate a nerve issue in your spine.

You are unstable or lack balance and control of your movements.


Many patients ignore their back pain when they first begin to notice it and won’t seek help until they can no longer move or work. Don’t wait until the pain is so intense that you can’t live your life. As soon as these symptoms become part of your life, take steps to get the treatment you need. Drs. Lanman and Cuéllar will comprehensively review your unique case and will likely recommend nonsurgical options first, like physical therapy and pain management, before surgery may be needed.

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Conditions We Treat

There are many different causes of back pain that our patients experience. Our goal is to understand what is causing your pain in order to get to the root of the issue. A few common conditions we treat include:

In the case of ADR by Dr. Lanman, most patients check in to the spinal restoration center on the morning of their procedures and are picked up by their loved ones within a few hours to start the recovery process at home. The technology Dr. Lanman uses is so advanced that the procedure moves quickly and the incision is small. A few of the costs that spinal surgeons accrue during the procedure include:


Cervical Radiculopathy: commonly called a “pinched nerve,” this occurs when a nerve in the neck is compressed, causing pain.

Compression Fractures of the Spine: this occurs when one or more bones in the spine break or crumble. This can worsen posture over time as your spine cannot support itself.

Degenerative Disc Disease: the discs in your spine will start to break down over time. When this occurs, your vertebrae rub together and leave you in pain.

Herniated Disc: the discs in your spine start to bulge or break, causing lower back pain and potential numbness in your legs.

Kyphosis: this is a curvature of the spine that causes it to appear rounded at the top, creating a hunched posture.

Lumbar Radiculopathy: with this condition, pressure on the sciatic nerve (which runs down the lower back) causes pain. This is also called Sciatica.

Scoliosis: this is a sideways curvature of the spine that affects posture and the ability to move.

Spinal Stenosis: this is the narrowing of the spinal canal, which puts pressure on your nerves. Our goal is to release that pressure.

Spondylolisthesis: this occurs when a vertebra slips out of place, resting on another vertebra below it, causing pressure and pain.

Spinal Instability: this is a greater than normal range of motion, which makes it difficult to control your movements.

Spinal Deformities: unexpected growth or lack of growth in the spine can prevent it from forming as it should from a young age. We work to treat these deformities.


There are many causes of back pain that range from genetic challenges, lifestyle factors, and problems with previous injuries. Our goal is to identify why you are in pain and develop a roadmap for treatment.

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Treatments We Offer

We offer a wide variety of surgical and non-surgical spinal treatment options to relieve you of your back and neck pain. Such as:


4D Health™: a holistic look at your spine and entire body, to develop a complete understanding of how your back pain affects each muscle group and system.

Spinal Fusion: the removal of broken discs followed by the fusion of two vertebrae.

Artificial Disc Replacement: the removal of damaged or broken discs followed by the insertion of an artificial disc to replace the natural one.

Multiple Level Disc Replacement: this is the process of replacing damaged or broken discs in multiple areas of your spine.

Cervical Artificial Disc Replacement: this refers to ADR specifically affecting the cervical spine, or the vertebrae in your neck.

Cervical Hybrid: this combines both spinal fusion and artificial disc replacement in your cervical spine.

Anterior Cervical Discectomy: the removal of the top spinal discs in your spine by entering through the front of your neck.

Anterior Cervical Discectomy with Fusion: this is the same as a standard ACD but ends in the spinal fusion of the two affected vertebrae.

Posterior Cervical Foraminotomy: this is a procedure that involves entering through the back of the neck with the goal of widening the spinal bone to relieve pressure.

Posterior Cervical Laminectomy: entering from the back of the neck to remove part of the lamina in order to relieve pressure.

Posterior Cervical Laminoplasty: entering from the back of the neck to move part of the lamina and create a bridge in the spine in order to relieve pressure.

Posterior Cervical Fusion with Instrumentation: this is a form of spinal fusion completed on the cervical spine by entering through the back. The surgeon may use metal plates to keep the vertebrae in place.

Lumbar Laminectomy: removal of part of the lamina in the lower spine. Lumbar Fusions: removing damaged discs and fusing vertebrae in the lower spine.

Lumbar Hybrid: this procedure combines both artificial disc replacement and spinal fusion, depending on the needs of the patient.

Lumbar Microdiscectomy: this involves removing part of the disc that is protruding or broken while keeping the majority of it in place.

How A Spine
Specialist Can Help
You Conquer Your
Back Pain

Spinal doctors don’t only rely on surgery to address patient pain. Not every patient is a candidate for surgery for a variety of reasons. Some patients have milder spinal issues that can be treated with non-surgical methods. Other patients need to address other health concerns before they are ready for spinal care.

When you meet with Dr. Lanman, he will take a whole-body view of your health. He will consider your back pain and other spinal symptoms, while also looking at lifestyle factors and other conditions that could impact your spine.

In most cases, Dr. Lanman will prescribe non-surgical treatments in the short run. He may recommend medications and physical therapy exercises to build up your back strength. Then he may move on to surgical intervention if it is necessary.

Working with a spinal specialist allows you to gain an expert’s opinion on your back pain. You will have a whole team of supporters, including the staff members and nurses who work with Dr. Lanman. Dr. Lanman’s team, along with your friends and family members, will work with you to regain your spinal health.

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Specialists For Artificial
Disc Replacement

Dr. Lanman’s Spinal Restoration Center in Miami is a leading medical practice for artificial disc replacement (ADR). This is a procedure designed to resolve degenerative disc disease and reduces patient pain without sacrificing range of motion.

Each of the vertebrae in your spine is protected by soft discs that work as shock absorbers. These discs allow you to move and bend without causing your vertebrae to grind together. Unfortunately, these discs can break or get pushed out of your spine – causing them to put pressure on your sensitive nerve endings along the spinal canal. The result is pain. You may experience pain in your back where the disc is broken or feel pain and numbness in your arms and legs from the affected nerves.

Historically, doctors relied on spinal fusion to reduce pain levels, where they removed the broken discs and fused the vertebrae. However, this reduced the patient’s range of motion. Dr. Lanman specializes in artificial disc replacement, where the damaged disc is removed and a synthetic disc is inserted in its place. These discs are durable and flexible and are designed to last a lifetime. As a result, you can live without pain and without sacrificing your range of motion.

This commitment to offering the best possible spinal care is why Drs. Lanman and Cuéllar are some of the top medical spine experts in the country.

Most Trusted Spine
Surgeon In Miami, FL

A healthy spine is essential for your range of motion. The basic tasks you complete each day – from lifting a grocery bag to opening your car door – are all possible because of the health of your spine. If you are living in pain, even the simplest activities can seem impossible.

Trust your spinal health to the leading surgeons in the area. Dr. Lanman has worked with A-list film celebrities, top C-suite executives, and other leaders across the country. Dr. Cuéllar continues to advance medical knowledge of musculoskeletal care to bring top-notch treatments to Miami patients.

Make the best choice for your spinal health. Request a consultation at the Advanced Disc Replacement Spinal Restoration Center and take the first steps to reclaim your life.

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