With the opening of the ADR Spine Restoration Center in Miami, residents of the southeastern United States will now have access to premiere spinal care proven to reverse spinal disc damage, restore spinal health, and reclaim their pain-free, active lives. Dr. Todd Lanman, with his partner, Dr. Jason Cuéllar, has launched the Miami location as the first phase of the expansion of their pioneering Beverly Hills practice, with additional planned locations in Austin, Texas, and Tampa, Florida.

As a leading spinal neurosurgeon with 30 years of experience treating A-list talent in Beverly Hills, as well as a lead investigator in ADR clinical trials, Dr. Lanman is a highly sought-after expert in his field and, until now, has been limited to providing life-changing medical care primarily on the west coast. The expansion into the Miami practice will allow Drs. Lanman and Cuéllar to meet the needs of patients across the country in a location that’s convenient for them.


Now Accepting New Patients: What To Expect

The Advanced Disc Replacement Spinal Restoration Center in Miami is currently accepting new patients who suffer from back pain and limited mobility. Patients can request a consultation through the online portal or call the Miami office at (305) 587-2611 to schedule an appointment. Here’s what you can expect if you book a consultation.


Initial Consultation (Telemedicine)

Most patients can have their initial consultation with Dr. Lanman or Dr. Cuéllar without having to leave their homes through a telemedicine visit. During this initial consultation, the doctor will ask about your pain levels, location, and gather other relevant information (such as your daily activities) that could be a factor in your pain. As leading experts in the spinal restoration field, Dr. Lanman and Dr. Cuéllar work closely with their patients to understand the source of their back pain and develop individualized treatment plans to increase patient comfort and mobility.


What Happens If I Am A Candidate?

At the end of the consultation, the doctor will make short-term recommendations to ease the pain in your back. They will also make a follow-up appointment to meet in person and discuss your treatment further. Your doctor may recommend securing certain tests ahead of the appointment, like an x-ray, MRI, or CT scan. These tests can give the doctor a clear picture of your spinal conditions which will help them develop a customized and comprehensive treatment plan for your unique case.

At the Advanced Disc Replacement Spinal Restoration Center in Miami, Dr. Lanman and Dr. Cuéllar use a combination of medical tests and personal questions to understand how much pain a patient is in. Dr. Lanman’s proprietary 4D Health Process considers every facet of a patient’s life and medical history to gain a comprehensive understanding of a patient’s needs and potential risks to determine the best path forward – which may or may not include surgery.


About Advanced Disc Replacement (ADR)

Dr. Lanman is a leading specialist in advanced disc replacement (ADR), a minimally invasive surgical procedure (and alternative to spinal fusion surgery) that helps patients increase their mobility while reducing their pain.

The spine is made up of multiple vertebrae that are stacked on top of each other. In between each vertebra, soft discs work as shock absorbers for the body. These discs allow you to bend, twist, and move around without feeling pain. However, these discs can get damaged or simply wear down over time. When this occurs, you may experience chronic back pain.

Dr. Lanman and Dr. Cuéllar use artificial disc replacement to reduce or eliminate this back pain by removing the damaged or broken discs that cause pain and replacing them with artificial disc technology. After a short post-surgical recovery period, patients who undergo ADR report lower pain levels and increased mobility.

Through ADR, most patients with prior acute and/or chronic back pain can return to their normal lives, getting back to their hobbies and active lives without feeling pain.

In addition to ADR, the doctors at the Spinal Restoration Center in Miami offer a variety of treatments to address back pain and mobility issues and design the right treatment for each patient’s needs.


Introducing Dr. Todd Lanman

Dr. Todd Lanman is the founder of the Advanced Disc Replacement Spinal Restoration Center and is known as one of the leading innovators in spinal health. For over 30 years, Dr. Lanman has been trusted by celebrities, musicians, and top-level executives to help them overcome their back pain and regain their mobility.

Dr. Lanman has dedicated his life to eliminating spinal pain and immobility in part because he has experienced spinal disease firsthand. He has undergone eight spinal surgeries – four cervical, four lumbar – along with physical therapy to restore his mobility and understands how important a pain-free life and mobile spine is to living a full life.

Dr. Lanman earned his M.D. at Chicago’s Northwestern University in 1983 and completed his residency in Neurological Surgery at the University of California at Los Angeles in 1989. He has published multiple peer-reviewed articles and book chapters relating to neurological conditions and served as a principal investigator in ADR clinical trials. With decades of experience in spinal neurology, Advanced Disc Replacement, and patient care, Dr. Lanman now brings unparalleled experience and results to Miami and South Florida.


Introducing Dr. Jason Cuéllar

Dr. Jason Cuéllar is a leading orthopedic surgeon with experience treating a broad variety of spinal disorders. Along with artificial disc replacement and minimally invasive spine surgery, Dr. Cuéllar works with patients to increase their mobility using non-surgical options. These non-operative treatments include injections of a novel biologic therapy for mild and moderate osteoarthritis.

Dr. Cuéllar works with patients who have a variety of spinal disorders. A few of his specialties include neck pain, cervical disk degeneration, lumbar disk herniation, lumbar degenerative disk disease, and low back pain.

Like Dr. Lanman, Dr. Cuéllar also understands the discomfort of back pain firsthand – he has undergone spinal surgery himself and regrets not getting treated sooner. His medical history drives his compassion for patients who have delayed treatment because of fear or uncertainty and has taught him to approach patients with compassion and care.

On top of a medical degree from Stanford University, Dr. Cuéllar holds an undergraduate degree in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior from U.C. Davis and a Ph.D. in Molecular, Cellular, and Integrative Physiology from U.C. Davis.


More Locations to Come

While the doctors are currently focused on establishing a practice in Miami, there are additional planned expansions of ADR Spinal Restoration Centers across the country, including Austin, Texas, and Tampa, Florida in the coming years.

If you experience back pain and limited mobility, you don’t have to live with your symptoms any longer. Learn more about the ADR Spinal Restoration Center and request an appointment with Dr. Lanman and Dr. Cuéllar today.


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