A new synthetic rod system was introduced in 2006 as an alternative for metallic rods often used for posterior spinal fusion. The new rod design is intended to improve motion preservation for patients that need spinal fusion surgery. The new rods are made from a compound called polyaryl-ether-ether-ketone or “PEEK.” Dr. Lanman participated in this study to analyze how PEEK rod spinal systems were doing. Among the things evaluated, the physicians observed how the new implants were interacting with human tissues. The PEEK components were assessed for surface damage, deformation, scratching, burnishing, and fracture. The study compared patient history, implant performance, and medical records, and documented overall performance of the PEEK system. The study was published in the publication European Spine Journal, March 2013. Dr. Lanman’s co-authors include Steven M. Kurtz, Genymphas Higgs, Daniel W. MacDonald. Sigurd H. Berven, Jorge E. Isaza, Eual Phillips, and Marla J. Steinbeck.


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