Many lumbar disc prostheses are constantly in development. The goal in each is to preserve mobility in patients with degenerative disc disease. In this study, Dr. Lanman and his colleagues examine the advantages and disadvantage of lumbar artificial disc replacement (ADR) compared with anterior interbody fusion (ALIF). Mainly, the physicians are concerned with the potential for displacement of the implants or actual component failure. Since any surgical procedure presents risks to the patient, there is a constant need top study how to revise or remove devices and avoid potential complications. This study was originally published in the Journal of Vascular Surgery, December 2006. Dr. Lanman’s co-authors: Willis H. Wagner, MD, John J. Regan, MD, Scott P. Leary, MD, J. Patrick Johnson, MD, Rajeev K. Rao, MD, and David V. Cossman, MD.


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