When people think about spine surgery in the future they’ll likely also think of minimally invasive techniques, navigation, artificial intelligence and more.

Question: What technology will define spine surgery in five to 10 years?

Todd Lanman, MD. ADR Spinal Restoration Center (Beverly Hills, Calif.):
The next decade of spine surgery will be defined by spinal motion preservation technologies. Artificial discs have already changed the way we manage disk disease, and I think we will continue to see innovative designs. For example, the next five to 10 years will see the development of artificial facet joint devices. I can envision artificial discs and spinal facet joint devices used in combination, relieving pain and preserving nearly natural motion of the spine. These devices will not only enhance the way we treat degenerative spinal conditions but will allow spine surgeons to partially correct abnormal alignments of the spine like scoliosis and kyphosis.


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