Endoscopic spine surgery, enhanced recovery after surgery protocols and robotic platforms are among the procedures and technologies that spine surgeons across the country are integrating into their practice this year.

Six spine surgeons and two physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists discuss what procedures, protocols and technologies they plan to implement in 2022.

Question: What procedures, protocols or devices are you considering implementing this year?

Todd Lanman, MD. Lanman Spinal Neurosurgery and the Advanced Disc Replacement Spinal Restoration Center (Beverly Hills, Calif.): We are implementing a new procedure for inserting artificial lumbar discs as part of a new clinical trial by the FDA. This unique device, called Balanced Back, is placed through the back instead of the front of the abdomen. Through a midline incision in the mid-back, spine joints are removed, as well as the sides of each disc. Then we insert two pieces of the artificial disc from each side. I am the principal investigator on the trial, which is for the entire West Coast at this point. The Balanced Back can be placed at multiple levels, from the upper to lower lumbar levels, and does not require the anterior abdominal approach. We anticipate great outcome measures and are excited to offer this unique new device later this year.


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