American spinal neurosurgeon Dr. Todd H. Lanman ( has once again made history, successfully performing the first-ever three-level artificial cervical disc replacement procedure in the U.S., using the newly FDA-approved M6 device.

The new procedure, considered an off-label use of the device, was performed on a 43-year-old physician from Las Vegas suffering from three significant disc herniations, which were pinching his spinal cord. He requested the M6 disc device after being recommended and refusing a multi-level fusion, which would have impeded his very critical ability to move his head in different positions while operating on his own patients.

The patient is doing “extremely well,” says Dr. Lanman, following the two-and-a-half-hour outpatient procedure, and is expected to resume work after only week or two at most.

As the primary provider of the device in Los Angeles, who oversaw the clinical trial, Dr. Lanman also recently performed the first-ever two-level artificial disc replacement procedure with the device in the United States just two months ago.

Created by Orthofix, the M6 is the latest artificial disc replacement device to be approved for use by the FDA, and the first and only disc device to mimic the natural movement of an anatomical disc.

The M6-C is notably the first artificial disc device with a viscoelastic core, which allows for compressibility, and comes after 12 years of devices made with metals and hard plastics.

Clinical patient outcomes for procedures using the M6-C device have been proven to be statistically superior, according to neck, arm pain and neurologic scores, providing those suffering with degenerative disc disease and other ailments of the cervical spine a better option to that of fusion.

Dr. Lanman has been referred to as one of the country’s top innovators in artificial disc replacement, presiding over most, if not all, of the major recent advancements in spine care. In 2016, he performed the first two-level procedure with a Prestige LP artificial cervical disc device, showcasing the new surgical procedure with the device on a patient on CBS’ The Doctors in 2017.

He’s also the first spine surgeon in America to originate Restorative Motion Surgery, a groundbreaking procedure returning patients previously fused at one or more disc levels to near or complete movement, through the replacement of artificial disc devices.

A majority of Dr. Lanman’s patients are comprised of major celebrities from film, television and theater, as well as business magnates and sports players. Recently, the coveted surgeon made celebrity news headlines when he performed the procedure on Johnny McDaid, boyfriend of Courtney Cox, and member of the band Snow Patrol. In a health update, Cox personally thanked Dr. Lanman on Instagram, posting “Thank you @drtoddlanman for your incredible work.”

Dr. Lanman has published various peer-reviewed articles and book chapters relating to spine medicine, and acts as a frequent medical educator and contributor in the media.

In 2018, he received the ‘Leader in Health Care’ Award from the Los Angeles Business Journal, and has been dubbed a top doctor in The Hollywood Reporter, The Los Angeles Times and Hemispheres Magazines.

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