Todd Lanman, MD, has launched the Advanced Disc Replacement Spinal Restoration Center in Los Angeles, a new venture through Beverly Hills, Calif.-based Lanman Spinal Neurosurgery.

Five things to know:

1. Dr. Lanman is leading the practice with his clinical partner and spine surgeon Jason Cuellar, MD.

2. The practice will employ a multidisciplinary approach to spine care, and offer lumbar and cervical artificial disc replacement, robotic spine surgery and other minimally invasive treatments.

3. The ADR Spinal Restoration Center aims to expand along the West Coast, before entering other key markets including Austin, Texas, Miami and Tampa, Fla., according to a June 7 news release.

4. In 2019, Dr. Lanman coined the term “restorative motion surgery,” which removes and reverses prior spinal fusions in patients, and replaces them with artificial discs.

5. The ADR Spinal Restoration Center is participating in two clinical trials for artificial cervical discs developed by Centinel Spine and Synergy Spine Solutions.


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