U.S. spinal neurosurgeon Dr. Todd H. Lanman (http://www.spine.md) successfully performed the first-ever artificial disc replacement procedure using the M6, the game changing new anatomical disc device from Orthofix, for the first time ever in California this weekend.

With his Lanman Spinal Neurosurgery practice partner Dr. Jason Cuéllar at his side, Dr. Lanman also made history when he performed, for the first time ever in the United States, a two-level artificial disc replacement procedure using this newly FDA approved M6-C device, a truly historic moment for patients suffering from debilitating pain in their necks due to degenerative disc disease.

The M6-C is the world’s first artificial disc device created with a compressible viscoelastic core, which allows for the natural movement akin to that of a human’s own cervical disc, following years of devices made solely from metals, ceramics and hard plastics.

Dr. Lanman previously oversaw and led one of the primary clinical trials for the M6-C, leading to its subsequent approval by the FDA following two years of statistically superior clinical patient outcomes being proven in neck and arm pain and neurologic outcomes.

He has often been dubbed one of the country’s leading innovators in artificial disc replacement in the cervical and lumbar spines, as he has presided over many of the most recent advancements in his specialized field of study, including the 2016 FDA approval on the two-level Prestige LP cervical disc device, which he unveiled on CBS’ ‘The Doctors’ for the first time in the U.S. the following year.

A doctor of many firsts, he also became the first spine surgeon in the U.S. to begin offering Restorative Motion Surgery, a remarkable new procedure that returns nearly full movement to patients who have previously been fused, through the removal of old fusions, replacing them with artificial cervical disc devices.

Many of Lanman’s patients include high profile A-list celebrities from the worlds of film, television and theater, as well as sports players and business leaders, who hand select him for his unmatched care.

Dr. Lanman has published many peer-reviewed articles, as well as book chapters on topics relating to his specialized area of medicine, and serves as a frequent media educator and contributor. For the last two decades, he has remained an associate clinical professor at UCLA.

In 2018, he was honored with the ‘Leader in Health Care’ Award by the Los Angeles Business Journal in the 2018 Health Care Leadership Awards. He has also been named a top doctor in the Los Angeles Business Journal, The Hollywood Reporter, The Los Angeles Times and Hemispheres Magazine.

For more information, visit http://www.spine.md.


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