Dr. Todd H. Lanman: Leading Spinal Neurosurgeon, Clinical Researcher, and Educator is Defining the Future of Advanced Disc Replacement

For 30 years, Dr. Todd Lanman, Spinal Neurosurgeon, has been dedicated to helping his patients maintain an active lifestyle throughout their lives. Through his spinal surgery practice, Lanman Spinal Neurosurgery, in Beverly Hills, California, Dr. Lanman creates a unique and comprehensive plan for each patient utilizing innovative, minimally-invasive microsurgical techniques, like Advanced Disc Replacement and Motion Restoration Surgeries. By 2022, Dr. Lanman will be expanding his practice to the east coast, through the development of his new Advanced Disc Replacement Center.

“In many ways, the spine is the root of one’s health. It singularly directs an individual’s entire quality of life, mobility and, ultimately, one’s level of happiness.” – Dr. Lanman

Dr. Lanman always knew he was destined for medicine, identifying his desired specialty in neurosurgery at just 5 years old. After earning his M.D. with top honors at Chicago’s Northwestern University, Dr. Lanman completed his residency in Neurological Surgery at the University of California at Los Angeles. During his residency, he saw firsthand the profound impact spinal surgery had on the quality of life of his patients and began to focus exclusively on the field of spinal neurosurgery. His own experience with spinal injury, including undergoing eight spinal surgeries, has only strengthened his determination to find innovative solutions that will relieve patients of pain and increase their mobility.

“I know what it’s like if you’re suffering from spinal disease and pain, and I’m here to work with you so we can not just make you better, but make you greater than better.”

Since founding Lanman Spinal Neurosurgery in 1989, Dr. Lanman has dedicated himself to the tireless pursuit of research and innovation, particularly in the field of Advanced Disc Replacement and Motion Restoration surgery, that will increase the quality of life for his patients. Advanced Disc Replacement is a revolutionary technique that replaces damaged intervertebral discs with artificial joints, reducing or eliminating pain and restoring spinal movement. Dr. Lanman has become a leading expert in Advanced Disc Replacement as an alternative to spinal fusion surgeries, preferring the method’s ability to preserve range of motion in the spine, faster recovery, and improved quality of life post-recovery in qualifying patients. As his practice continues to grow, Dr. Lanman is set to expand bicoastally launching an Advanced Disc Replacement Center with his junior partner and Orthopedic Spine Surgeon, Dr. Jason Cuéllar to better serve patients across the country.

“Our goal is to plan a treatment protocol for each patient to maintain a functional, active life forever.” – Dr. Lanman

Patients will find that Dr. Lanman’s treatment extends far beyond the boundaries of spinal surgery. Through his proprietary 4D Health Process, Dr. Lanman looks at a patient’s health holistically, from their age and hormone status to lifestyle considerations like nutrition and physical exercise, as well as, of course, spine and joint health. Through meticulously analyzing this complete health picture, Dr. Lanman creates a comprehensive, personalized approach to ensure his patients live an active, healthy life as they continue to age.

“Feeling amazing is just the start of great things to come.”

Who is Dr. Lanman?

Patients who suffer from spinal injury, pain, or reduced mobility as a result of prior fusion surgeries, often feel they have to settle for their current pain level and lack of mobility, perhaps for the rest of their lives. Dr. Lanman has built his career on the belief that there is a better way to approach spinal surgery – one that is customized to each patient and is designed to maximize their quality of life. To learn more about whether you might benefit from Advanced Disc Replacement or Restorative Motion Surgery, reach out to a member of our team by emailing frontdesk@spine.md

Dr. Lanman, founder of Lanman Spinal Neurosurgery, is a leading specialist in the advancement of spine health, spinal surgery and restoring mobility, with a focus on 4D Health. He has led clinical trials in Advanced Disc Replacement that have led to FDA pre-market approval for devices that provide lasting pain relief for patients suffering from spinal injury, as well as increased mobility for patients who have undergone past fusion surgeries. Named among the Top Doctors in America, as well as one of L.A’s Top Doctors by The Hollywood Reporter, Dr. Lanman is internationally renowned and sought after by professional actors, musicians, athletes, CEOs, and dignitaries, who travel thousands of miles to be treated in his care. A leading innovator in medicine, as well as a media educator and contributor, Dr. Lanman is dedicated to sharing his considerable expertise, serving as an assistant clinical professor at UCLA for over 20 years. 


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